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Greenif Company Investment

Greenif Company is dedicated to green power research, development and production.

We can be green if we develop the technologies that will make us a green world.

In order to economically and efficiently harvest wind energy from the vast expanses of the oceans and seas, we must develop technologies that can capture and deliver it over distances that cannot be economically and efficiently achieved with buried or covered electricity transmission cables. Hence, we must capture the energy, and transform it into a readily transportable form on-site; whereby it can then be transported, delivered and converted to electricity at an optimal location for delivery to consumers.

Hence, future economical and efficient green electrical power production requires seabased wind power production paired with power plants which operate using fuel cells or turbines based on the Radial Turbine Blade System.

Green power will be profitable in markets worldwide and will generate an exceptional return on capital.

To realize this vision, external funding is necessary. A variety of financing options are possible, to include private investors.

If you are a potential investor and interested in receiving information, please send your contact details.
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